Gazprom Neft presents a book of essays about Russian Arctic shelf development

The book The First in the Arctic published with the support of Gazprom Neft tells the vivid history of the industrial development of the Far North: from the first expeditions through the discovery of offshore fields to the construction of the Prirazlomnaya Platform that has become a symbol of the company’s leadership in the Arctic region.

The essays of the book narrate the crucial role of the Prirazlomnoye project in the being of the Russian North shipbuilders. The chapters show the contribution of national research and design institutes, machine building and metallurgical factories, transport and logistics companies to the design, construction and smooth operation of the platform. While learning about the Prirazlomnoye project in terms of eventful discovery and development of the Russian Arctic, one may have a different look at both the strategic importance of the project for Russia, and the unique experiences, skills and competences gained during its implementation.

Vladimir Vovk, Doctor of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences, candidate of Engineering Sciences, and advisor to Gazprom Neft Shelf, headed the team of authors. Dr. Vovk was among the pioneers of the Prirazlomnoye project; he was Head of Gazprom Directorate of Offsnore Fields Technics and Technologies, CEO of Gazflot (now Gazprom Flot), and President of Rosshelf, and also took part in many other flagship oil and gas projects. In late 2019, Vladimir Vovk was awarded the Science and Engineering Prize of the Russian Government for engineering and development of large-scale oil and gas facility manufacturing for the Russian continental shelf.

Sergey Matrosov, Deputy General Director for Business Development and External Relations, Gazprom Neft Shelf:

“It is important to understand the continuity and connection of current shelf projects with the great history of the Arctic. The First in the Arctic clearly lays out the development of the polar regions, heroic work of many brave people, unique inventions and processes that allow our work in the ice now. It took over a year to complete this book. Materials of state and private archives, rare documents and pictures — most of them were published for the first time — and memories of those who took part in the described events were used in its creation. I hope that The First in the Arctic will be of interest for today’s readers and will preserve an important part of history for future generations.”

Vladimir Vovk, Advisor to Gazprom Neft Shelf:

“In this book, we have attempted to cover, step by step, how Russia approached the moment when work on the Arctic shelf became an everyday reality for us. You will never find a similar book, and do not even try to. In the context of historic and scientific studies, this book is comparable to several doctorates and contains unique material, but at the same time is written in a lively and expressive style. I am sure it will be a pleasant experience for our readers.”

You can download The First in the Arctic (in Russian) here.

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