Gazprom Neft presented high-tech solutions in the field of import Substitution

Technology conference “Import Substitution in Oil and Gas Industry 2019” took place in St. Petersburg, with the support of Gazprom Neft, attended by representatives of governmental authorities, largest mining and service companies, as well as leading scientific and industrial organizations of the country. Participants of the event discussed the transition of the industry to Russian technologies, assessed challenges by technological sovereignty of the country, the effectiveness of support measures for domestic producers from the state, as well as the involvement of Russian developers and the transfer of advanced technologies.

Andrey Vlasov, Chief Procurement Officer, Gazprom Neft Shelf, shared the experience of import substitution while offshore projects implementation. As an example of the cooperation between business and science, he cited the “Platforma” project, aimed at domestic offshore drilling rig creation.

Representatives of Gazprom Neft along with participants of the conference noted the large-scale work of the company in the field of import substitution. Gazprom Neft’s Technology Partnerships and Import-Substitution Department has been operating since 2015, with one of the main objectives to organise the systematic monitoring of goods and materials at the Russian market and materials for further replacement of the imported analogues with domestic products. Over the past 5 years, the company has conducted more than 120 tests of high-tech Russian equipment and created about 50 unique products, replacing foreign analogues, more 170 are currently under development. Moreover, Gazprom Neft has supported development companies’ applications to attract external financing, resulted in more than RUB 6 billion, including subsidies from the Industrial Development Fund.

“Import Substitution in Oil and Gas Industry 2019” conference — is a powerful arena for the Russian national oil and gas industry suppliers base development, supported by the amount of participants all over the country. Achieving import independence is a difficult task, however quite feasible. An open discussion with representatives of governmental authorities, industry, and science allowed to mark the main problems and identify new steps to strengthen Russia’s technological sovereignty," said Sergey Arkhipov, Head of Technology Partnerships and Import-Substitution Department, Gazprom Neft.

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