Gazprom Neft supported the photo exhibition devoted to the Russian Arctic development history

September 18th marked with the photo exhibition “The Conquest of the Russian Arctic: Time and Technology” opening in The State Duma of the Russian Federation, the Federal Assembly with the support of Gazprom Neft. The exhibition shows scientific and industrial key development stages of the Russian Far North from the 19th century to the present day. The photo collection based on materials and documents provided by the Russian State Documentary Film and Photo Archive, the Russian Civil War History Study Center, the Russian State Arctic and Antarctic Museum, the Central Naval Museum, the TASS photo archive, Arseniev State Museum of Primorsky Region, Murmansk Regional Museum of Local Lore, Marine Arctic Geological Expedition, the Iceberg Central Design Bureau.

On photo (from left to right): Andrey Patrushev, Deputy General Director of Offshore Projects Development, Gazprom Neft and Artur Chilingarov, well-known polar explorer.

Photographs, reflecting Gazprom Neft activities in the Arctic region also available at the exhibition. Unique technology projects presentation, implemented by the company beyond the Arctic Circle is also part of the exhibition. Photographs and materials of ice-resistant fixed platform Prirazlomnaya, first in Russia to start the Arctic shelf oil production are among the showpieces. Gazprom Neft’s symbol of the technological leadership in the Far North development is the crude oil loading terminal the Arctic Gates, designed for the oil shimpents from the Novoportovskoye field.

Along with unique photographs and documents, the exhibition dedicated to Gazprom Neft’s projects in the Arctic includes multimedia materials. Exhibition visitors are able to take a video tour of the new generation icebreaker Alexander Sannikov, floated out in June 2018. The high-tech vessel is equipped with modern dynamic positioning and integrated control systems. Alexander Sannikov is capable of autonomous operation up to 40 days in extreme temperature of —50 °С. The new icebreaker will accompany tankers from the Novoportovskoye field, near the Northern Sea Route and contribute to the year-round supply of Arctic oil to the world market.

Andrey Patrushev, Deputy General Director of Offshore Projects Development, Gazprom Neft noted, that during the implementation of the projects in the Arctic region, the company pays special attention to environmental safety.

“The Far North history is inextricably linked with the names of Russian researchers and seafarers who contributed to the development of the Arctic territories. The exhibition reflects the photo chronicles of heroes who made Russia a Great Polar Power. For Gazprom Neft, as for the whole country, the development of the Arctic is a strategic challenge. We successfully implement projects beyond the Arctic circle, one-of-a-kind in Russia. At the same time, our most important task is to preserve the unique Arctic nature. Together with leading industry and scientific organizations, we monitor the status of the Pechora Sea ecosystem. We implement special programs to support the Atlantic walrus population in the southeastern part of the Barents Sea, studying the narwhal, a rare and mysterious Arctic animal protected by the state. Our researches allowed to determine the most vulnerable species of mammals and anthropogenic factors, affecting them. In accordance with this data, the company improves the environmental working standards,” commented Andrey Patrushev.


Novoportovskoye field is one of the largest developing oil, gas and condensate fields on the Yamal Peninsula. Gazpromneft-Yamal, a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft, is the project operator. The field is located 30 km from the Gulf of Ob coast. Recoverable reserves of C1 and C2 categories are more than 250 million tonnes of oil and condensate, as well as more than 320 billion cubic meters of gas. The oil is recognized as a separate grade, named Novy Port, and belongs to the “light” category. Starting from May 25, 2016, Gazprom Neft has launched the shipment of oil from Novoportovskoye terminal through the crude oil loading terminal the Arctic Gates. It is the only terminal in the world located in fresh waters. The ice thickness in the nearby areas during the winter period exceeds two metres. While this unique engineering facility creation, Gazprom Neft used the most advanced technologies in the field of industrial safety and environmental protection.

Prirazlomnoye is so far the only field on the Russian Arctic shelf where industrial oil production is carried out (the new ARCO oil grade first entered the world market in April 2014). To date, the Prirazlomnoye has produced more than 8 million tonnes of oil. Gazprom Neft Shelf is licensed as is the subsurface user of the project. The Prirazlomnoye oil field was discovered in 1989 and is located in the Pechora Sea, 60 km from the shore. Recoverable oil reserves exceed 70 million tonnes. The offshore ice-resistant fixed platform Prirazlomnaya was created for oil field development purposes. It is designed for the operation under extreme climatic conditions, meets most advanced safety requirements and is able to withstand maximum ice loads.

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