Gazprom Neft presented the Ecological atlas of the Pechora sea

Gazprom Neft presented the Ecological Atlas of the Pechora Sea with the results of environmental studies at the Prirazlomnoye field. The presentation of the atlas took place at the 10th International Forum Ecology on March 25, in Moscow.

The Ecological Atlas is the result of a large-scale and long-term study of the Pechora Sea flora and fauna. Comprehensive researches have started three years before the commercial operation of the Prirazlomnaya platform. For seven years, Gazprom Neft specialists conducted meteorological observations, monitored the air conditions, conducted oceanographic and radiological studies, took soil samples, studied fish, birds and plankton populations. Many types of researches for this region were carried out for the first time.

The company developed programs for the study of the Atlantic walrus and preservation of biological diversity as part of the environmental initiatives in the Pechora Sea. A wide range of research methods is used for their implementation, including marine and coastal works, helicopter flights, usage of aircraft laboratories equipped with infrared survey and other types of surveys, decoding satellite images, as well as marking of marine mammals with GPS tags to study migration.

The results of this unprecedented work are reflected in the Ecological Atlas of the Pechora Sea, presented at the conference by Sergei Matrosov, Head of Business Development and Offshore Regulation Department, Gazprom Neft. He noted that long-term studies have shown the absence of deviations in the condition of shore ecosystems and waters of the Pechora Sea, as well as the absence of significant changes in the migration of walruses near the Prirazlomnoye field.

The electronic version of the Atlas is already available on the website of Gazprom Neft Shelf. The Atlas contains more than 140 pages, many unique maps, illustrations and reference information.

The first copies of the Atlas were presented to Olga Timofeeva, Deputy Chairwoman of the State Duma and Nikolai Valuev, First Deputy Chairman of the Russian State Duma’s Ecology and Environmental Protection Committee.

Andrey Patrushev, Deputy General Director of Offshore Projects Development, Gazprom Neft:

“Gazprom Neft is an environmentally responsible company. This principle is the basis of our decisions and actions applicable to all projects and in all regions of our activity from the Arctic Seas to Sakhalin Island. The results of long-term programs for biodiversity preservation in the waters of the first Russian Arctic shelf platform ‘Prirazlomnaya’ formed the basis of the Ecological Atlas of the Pechora Sea. Most part of this unique data has never been published before. We will be thankful in case the Atlas and Gazprom Neft’s environmental experience will become part of the essential knowledge for the further safe development of the Arctic region. Preserving its unique nature for future generations is our common aim.”

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