Gazprom Neft increased the annual oil production on Arctic shelf by 18 %

Gazprom Neft produced 2.6 million tonnes of ARCO oil grade (Russia’s first oil produced on the Arctic shelf) in 2017 at the Prirazlomnoye field, in accordance with the plan to increase the oil production by 18 % year-on-year. Cumulative production reached 5.9 million tonnes by the end of 2017. Overall, it is planned to produce more than 70 million tonnes of Arctic oil at the Prirazlomnoye field.

“The Prirazlomnoye project elaboration is ensured primarily through the planned increase of operational efficiency and infrastructure development. Thus, a significant event of 2017 was the increase of the well stock by 1 injection and 4 production wells, while meeting all the requirements of the project industrial and environmental safety,” said Andrey Patrushev, Deputy General Director of Offshore Projects Development, Gazprom Neft.

There are 13 wells brought on stream to date at the Prirazlomnoye field: 8 production, 4 injection and 1 absorbing. The planned oil production volume for 2018 at the Prirazlomnaya platform is 3.6 million tonnes.

Within the framework of the Prirazlomnoye project, the construction of 32 wells in total is planned to provide with the peak annual production of about 5 million tonnes of oil after 2020.


At the moment, Prirazlomnoye is the only project on the Russian Arctic shelf where the commercial oil production is carried out. The commercial field development started in 2013. The new ARCO oil grade first entered the world market in April 2014. To date, the Prirazlomnaya platform has produced more than 6 million tonnes of oil. Gazprom Neft Shelf, a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft, is licensed as is the subsurface user of the project.

The Prirazlomnoye oil field was discovered in 1989 and is located in the Pechora Sea, 60 km from the shore. Recoverable oil reserves exceed 70 million tonnes. The offshore ice-resistant fixed platform Prirazlomnaya was created for oil field development purposes. It is designed for the operation under extreme climatic conditions, meets most advanced safety requirements and is able to withstand maximum ice loads.

All the wells operated at the field are located inside the platform, its base is simultaneously a buffer between the well and the open sea. The sea depth near the oil field is 20 m. Furthermore, the wells are equipped with oil and gas blowout preventing system. The oil storage system of the platform provides keeping the crude in the liquid state, excluding the possibility of oxygen penetration in the tanks provoking explosive environment.

The offloading line for oil pumping to the tanker is equipped with the emergency shutdown system working instantly. Near the platform, the specialized icebreaking vessels equipped with the newest oil-gathering equipment are constantly on emergency duty.

Prirazlomnaya works in accordance with the “zero waste” principle: used drill mud, sludge, and other manufacturing process waste placed into a special absorbing well.

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