Prirazlomnaya platform increases safety of personnel transportation by sea

The Gazprom Neft Shelf Company increased the operational safety of the first oil-producing project on the Russian Arctic shelf and installed new-generation equipment on the Prirazlomnaya platform for delivering personnel from transport vessels to the platform.

The new transportation means of the FROG-XT series are distinguished from predecessors by enhanced protection of the personnel. Test trials showed they can sustain vertical shocks during tough landing at a speed of 4.5 m/s. The parameters are specifically important for operations in harsh climatic conditions of the Arctic shelf where ice surrounds the platform for seven months a year and its ridges are two-meter high while temperature can drop to minus 50 degrees Centigrade and the number of storms exceeds 20 a year.

The new equipment is designed according to the latest technical achievements in sea transportation. Advanced engineering solutions ensure both the safety of the personnel in transfer and a wide range of operational capabilities in strong wind and heavy sea. In particular, the capsules of the series can be operated even when the waves are 4 meters high.

“The safety of employees is the basic principle of our company. Prirazlomnaya platform was designed and built to cope with all climatic specifics of the Arctic. We attentively follow the development of technologies and introduce the most advanced solutions so that the project corresponds to world standards in production processes and labor protection at sophisticated industrial facilities,” said Andrei Patrushev, Gazprom Neft Deputy CEO for shelf projects.

Constant selective technical re-equipment of the Prirazlomnaya platform is a process integrated from the very beginning into the field development scheme, which is to regularly upgrade production and environmental safety and ensure effective operation of the platform due to optimized costs and business processes and the introduction of new technological solutions offered by the market.


At present, Prirazlomnoye field is the only Russian project on the Arctic shelf engaged in commercial oil production. Its development began in December 2013. The new Arctic crude (ARCO) was for the first time supplied to the world market in April 2014. As for today, the Prirazlomnaya platform produced over 5 million tons of oil. Gazprom Neft Shelf, a subsidiary of Gazprom Neft, is the operator of the project.

Prirazlomnoye oil field was discovered in 1989 and is located 60 km off the coast of the Pechora Sea. Extractable oil reserves exceed 70 million tons. To develop the deposit the Prirazlomnaya ice-resistant stationary platform was built. It can operate in extreme climatic conditions, meets modern safety requirements, and can sustain maximum ice pressure.

All operational wells at the field are inside the platform and its foundation serves as a buffer between a well and the open sea. The sea depth at the field is 20 meters. The well equipment can prevent uncontrolled oil or gas discharge. The oil storage system of the platform provides for a wet storage in reservoirs, which excludes the penetration of oxygen and the emergence of an explosive environment.

The shipment line to deliver oil to tankers is equipped with an emergency shutdown system, which switches on immediately. Specialized icebreakers with the latest oil collection devices are on permanent emergency duty at the platform.

Prirazlomnaya operates according to zero discharge principle. The boring mud fluid, muck and other technological waste are pumped into a special absorbing well.

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