Oil spill cleaning plan

The Prirazlomnaya operations ensure maximum environmental and industrial safety. However, the company drafted and introduced a detailed plan to eliminate potential oil spills according to the best international practices and standards. The document considers various potential risks and stipulates the actions of the personnel and auxiliary staff in any unforeseen situation. The company acquired specialized equipment to eliminate potential oil spills in the Arctic conditions and collect the oil.

The plan was created in cooperation with the Central Research and Design Institute of Maritime Fleet, agreed with the Federal Agency of Sea and River Transport of the Transport Ministry and the Energy Ministry of the Russian Federation, and approved by the Emergencies Ministry of Russia. A reference of the plan reference and the envisaged engagement of hardware and units are provided on the Gazprom Neft Shelf website.

In order to be ready for any emergency Gazprom Neft Shelf regularly holds trainings. The drills search for and rescue people in distress at sea, assist a vessel in distress, eliminate oil spills caused by a tanker accident at sea, protect and clear the coastal line of oil pollution. Since early 2014, Gazprom Neft Shelf has held over 150 exercises and the biggest of them were the Arktika-2014 drills to search for and rescue people and eliminate oil spills. They engaged a total of 150 participants, four aircraft, 10 floating craft, 20 automobiles, 35 specialized oil spill eliminating devices, 41 oil-collecting systems and 5000 meters of containment booms.

An interactive scheme of the oil-spill elimination plan is provided below to demonstrate actions of sea and ground services to clear oil spills.