Environmental monitoring

Prirazlomnoye oil field is surrounded by numerous nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries with unique flora and fauna. Therefore, Gazprom Neft Shelf pays specific attention to the study of the biological environment of the southeastern Barents Sea and constantly monitors the environment in the area of the Prirazlomnaya platform.

The territories under permanent control include coastal ecosystems of the Nenets reserve – Dolgy, Matveyev, Golets. A program to research and preserve Atlantic walrus has been implemented since 2013. The annual monitoring aims at determining environment background rates, obtaining reliable and latest information on the current state of the Arctic ecosystem.

The Frekom Company specializing in environmental and industrial safety services and engaging prestigious research institutes monitors the Prirazlomnoye license area with a total space of 744 square kilometers upon Gazprom Neft Shelf orders. The research in 2010-2017 demonstrated that the situation in the monitored area is within the norm and specific measured parameters correspond to the natural background. No deviations from the natural coastal ecosystem behavior were exposed.

A separate program is being implemented to monitor and study the walruses of the Atlantic subspecies that inhabit the area of the Prirazlomnaya platform. . All the latest research (in the area of Dolgy, Matveyev, Golets, Big and Small Zelentsy, Vaigach Islands) did not expose major deviations in walrus migration and distribution in the Pechora Sea after oil production began at Prirazlomnoye field. Dolgy and Matveyev Islands remain the permanent walrus den like they were before the production startup. The total population of the animals remained unchanged. It confirms the absence of a negative impact of the Prirazlomnoye project on the environment.