Platform design

Specific weather conditions in the Arctic demanded special engineering solutions and technologies to develop Prirazlomnoye field. The ice-resistant stationary sea platform Prirazlomnaya was built to implement the project. It provides for all technological operations: well drilling, extraction, storage, preparation and shipment of oil to tankers, generation of heat and electric power. The Prirazlomnaya is the first stationary platform in the world to produce oil on the Arctic shelf in difficult conditions of drifting ice fields. At present it is the only platform operating on the Russian Arctic shelf.

A 3D interactive model of the Prirazlomnaya is provided below to show its components and how the first Arctic oil is produced in Russia.

The platform was designed for operations in harsh natural and climatic conditions, meets the strictest safety requirements and can sustain maximum ice pressure.

The platform is 126 meters long and wide and 141 meters high. It is reliably stationed on the seabed due to its gravitational weight, which exceeds 500 thousand tons, and actually developed into an artificial island. Its gravitational stability and ground anti-washing protection are ensured by a rock-and-stone berm (with a volume of over 45 thousand cubic meters) around the perimeter of the platform bed. Structurally the platform comprises several parts: the caisson with oil storage, an intermediate deck, auxiliary module, the superstructure, a residential module and two oil-loading facilities (KUPON). Over 200 people daily operate on the platform and the shifts change every 30 days.

Technical parameters

A special system of over 60 sensors, which immediately reacts to any operational changes, monitors the Prirazlomnaya round-the-clock:

  • Inclinator to monitor caisson inclination
  • Deformation sensor to measure ice pressure
  • Ground dynamometer to measure pressure on the ground
  • Accelerometer to monitor seismic activity around the platform
  • Piezometer to measure pressure in the ground from dynamic horizontal load

Caisson control system