Boring and downhole works

As the sea is only 20 meters deep in Prirazlomnaya area the platform stands directly on the seabed and all wells are bored inside it. The platform foundation serves as a buffer between the wells and the open sea.

The concrete walls of the foundation are three meters thick and coated with high-endurance steel. The construction can sustain any natural pressure. Special equipment is installed on wells for additional safety. It reliably blocks oil lifting from the depth, if necessary.

The drilling rig of the Prirazlomnaya is reliably protected from outside impact which allows boring in any weather. The lifting capacity of the rig is 547 tons and it sustains wind pressure of 51 m/s. The rig is a genuine oil production center on Prirazlomnaya. All wells which will have a total length of over 200 kilometers are bored from it by extended reach drilling.

The project envisages a total of 32 wells. They are bored by extended reach drilling and are divided into three types: productive, injection (to maintain pressure in the oil-bearing layer) and disposal (where used drilling liquid, sludge and other waste are pumped according to the zero discharge principle).

All boring on the platform is controlled by experts who register geological and technical parameters and in case of emergency can close the mouth of the well to prevent potential leaks.